i’ve got you on my mind, giver _ 2

_ no. 2
i’ve got you on my mind, giver

i’ve got you inside
i made sure to keep you close
i’ve got a heavy mind
i can’t tell you where it goes

i said it’s blue and red
said i’ve been living like a fool might
don’t tell me how to fix it up
if it’s chrome then it’ll float
if it’s chrome then it’ll float

alright, you’ve put your money up
and it’s on another fortnight

opt for an open road
Lord knows
Lord knows

hindsight, is indestructible
when you’re dealing with a birthright
my mind’s an open road
Lord knows
Lord knows

call it now, yeah, you were right
but you’ve got me on your A-team

you’ve been dealing black and white, giver
tell me where the blessing flows
tell me where the blessing flows

-poems for Tanya



“hey, roll up your sle[eves], it’s time to go”
oh wow you know me
[that] unsubtle g[litter] in your eye,
of knowing of an unknown why
– ‘babe’- , you’re tough as nails, what got me on y[our] mind?
i chose once not to see
figuratively, you figured out the me i don’t k[now]


Print by Naoya Hatakeyama Lime Works

-, Rota Fortunae

We withdrew
I heard her voice in Ramah on lights last day,
first conceived now delusions of a forbidden death
To make way for the son the cost of my own,
what precious life saved if I bore but to bear it all
Everything will be from now on

Matthew 2:18

Paint by Joachim Patinir Landscape with the Flight into Egypt

The Fall of Dignity / sykophántēs

In droves we sought refuge with instability,
the tabernacle walls decorated with humanity’s pique
Our own bile under the guise of a fresh idea,
inventing sex in the dust of the reformation
Flippant figurines, musings of an animalistic past,
somehow serve to distract our pangs in unrighteous form
The chosen life, the forgotten sun, the water we tread,
great accomplishments alluding a magnificent death we’ll soon forget

Paint by Pieter Bruegel the Elder Netherlandish Proverbs


Conceived to dust! the fleet angel yells,
you buried my trust in a hand-written sonnet
Eastern promises mild enough to keep me wandering,
yet left me dry,
lapping at the river of dilapidated structures you called home

Print by Hiroshi Hamaya Snow Land

FE. MDLXVIII. / Expression of Being

The great hunter adorned in cherry cloak,
now retired from a beguiled persona

Humanity shown on his breastplate as if time were not aware,
of the fleeting density of his own life

Yet man is beguiled himself if he were to believe,
his lot in life was more than what lay beneath manipulated metal

OH, the lavishing few who had built their house on a pew,
orchestrated sequins of petty dainties called self-expression

The town of drunkards somehow more chivalrous than he,
for what does a man sacrifice to ignore his mortality if not dignity

Paint by Lucas Van Valckenborch The Tower of Babel

Ecce Homō

Peering through the masses clad in flesh and wine the seeking young men forged paths among those who cursed the day. Pillars of salt perched among those who had not yet feared the wrath of temporality. He who had purged his heart of tenderness. Red, deep blue, ivory, and glistening black. Blissful peace exhumed from the dust bellow of his name. Crowds of drunkards and wives chant for the king of scorn. Wisdom-boy stood on his toes to witness the feast of humanity laid at his feet. The dutiful few who will allot his salvation at the gallows. Among them the unconcerned, the unaware, and the unamused.

ecce homō

paint by Brunswick Monogrammist Ecce Homō

-‘ Somber

oh forgive me in time



matrona son is still teething on blessings,

forgotten cracked ceilings of the church where I prayed for my health

–  –  –

– , Netherlandish Execution / Nikódimos

The gulch of the gods who had once painted time
Now settle in dust to abstain from the climb

The glory of man left in pious refrain
Sincerity won in the god he had slain

The robin sewn sackcloth turned grey from his youth
‘Neath the bark of his zeal lays the onus to truth

Oh, God of our fathers, I’m playing the part
yet seeking for something as great as thou art

Paint by Pieter Bruegel the Younger The Procession to Calvary