importance over penance under forgiveness over ignorance under importance

faith without reason is a miserable choice
and the breath of a deity is a need to rejoice

but why are you so sullen now?
there’s a God who forgives
our need to feel confident
is what vanity is

what blessing hath he left us though?
the dealings of our lives are aptly called an ebb and flow

archaic things that give us faith
just look at love it gives us grace

but, god, oh god, you love defending sacrilege
while culture becomes foreign becomes sinful makes you lack courage

god, you’re so defensive you’re so tender
where honor dies you cast yourself

but you are not a martyr
you’re no savior
just let Him be Himself

pride, immortal poison,
and we drink it
to refrain from doubt
or has He told us death is dead and therefor we should live without

Print by Naoya Hatakeyama LIMEWORKS

this is easy for me to say

i was reading in a car
catching words by each streetlight
the words were spaced too far apart
i nearly quit when i had a thought
what order of letters got me here
my primal form is no Shakespeare
and i know you think this is nothing new
to think about life as more than something to do
but if it’s just words then i feel free to say
that i don’t really care about my birthday
so if i could act on any thought
would my faith be less distraught
i gave it a chance and i found the end
there’s no life in lifeless ends

if this car stopped i could read my book
and catch the words at one time
by now the metaphor is getting old
life is change and that’s not so bold
i feel the culmination of grief in my young life
and a raging ache behind each blue eye
an anonymous person says, ‘are you okay?’
i said i’m fine and that was true
but i wish there was more that i could do
so why don’t i do it you could say
but first i should eat before i rot away

God is good and that’s all great
but i miss his voice if that’s okay